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A few months ago my Startup failed and I wanted to explain to my 2 little children that the company of Dad had failed but not Dad.
Given the age of my children I thought of writing them a fairy tale to explain what happened. This tale has become viral on the web, in Italian newspapers, radio and TV and this thing has made me realize that all children (and adults) need to know that people never fail but only projects and companies, and justify from every failure we can get back up and turn it into a success!


In the hardest moments after the failure, I found a lot of strength and inspiration from the stories of people who had a big failures in their life that have been able to turning them into successes.


That’s why I want to make this book with the hundred most beautiful stories of people who have gone through a failure that have turned into success, to bring this message to as many people as possible, because all the people who feel failed and unhappy with their lives can find the same strength and inspiration that I found in these stories, to be able to stand up and turn a failure into a success !!


Pre-order now this book at a very discounted price! We need you to be able to publish it, if we put all together we can quickly reach the goal and bring this book to many people who need to read these stories to get ideas to overcome the small and big failures of each day and improve their life.
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